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Security Configuration

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  Security Camera Router Configuration Topics

Configuring Router

Configuring Router for Security Cameras
1) From a web browser, go to “”. Login with the username “admin” and the password “seiadmin”.
  – If camera/device is getting it’s IP address via DHCP, you must reserve an IP for it so it remains the same (static).
  – To determine device’s IP address, select DHCP under Device Info.

  Copy the device MAC address to clipboard (highlite, CTRL+C).

2) Click the “Basic Setup” link on the top menu bar. Then Select “LAN” at the side menu bar.
  – Change the “End IP Address” from to
  – Click on Appy/Save at bottom of screen.
  – Click on “Add Entries” under Static IP Least List.


3) Put in the MAC address of the device and put in a valid IP address. In this case, any ip from
  – Click on Apply/Save
  – You may need to power cycle device to get the new address. Confirm new IP lease going back to Device Info/DHCP.

  Now that the device has a fixed IP address, we need to forward traffic to it.

4) Click the “Basic Setup” link on the top menu bar. Then Select “NAT” at the side menu bar. Finally click the “Virtual Servers” under NAT
  – Click on Add.
  – You need to reboot your router.


5) Select Customer Service and type in a description.
  – Set Server IP address to the appropriate address.
  – Set External Port Start and Stop to a number greater than 1024 and less than 65535.
  – Protocol and Internal port start settings will be determined by the device. Please consult device manual/manufacturer for settings.

6) Click on Apply/Save.

7) You are now done.

  Device should now be accessible from outside of the LAN.

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