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Madison Business Phone Services

Service area includes parts of the Hilltop and surrounding area in Madison. Please contact our Sales Department at 888-200-8077 ext. 229, or email

  Business Rates (per Month)
Business Line (Dial Tone Service)$14.00
Business Line with DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)$49.95
"Dry" DSL (DSL without Dial Tone Service)$39.95
Dedicated Circuits / Fiber TransportCALL

  Calling Features (per Month)
Anonymous Call Rejection$2.00
Automatic Call Back$2.00
Automatic Recall$2.00
Call Forward$1.75
Call Forward Busy$1.75
Call Forward No Answer$1.75
Call Transfer$1.75
Call Waiting$1.75
Caller Name and Number (w/o Call Waiting)$5.00
Changed Number Intercept$5.00
Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting$3.00
One (1) Plus Blocking$3.00
Remote Call Forwarding$10.00
Selective Call Acceptance$3.00
Selective Call Rejection$3.00
Selective Call Forwarding$3.00
Selective Line$6.00
Speed Calling 8 Numbers$1.50
Speed Calling 30 Numbers$1.75
Three Way Calling$1.50
Voice Mail$5.00

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  Calling Features (one time charge)
900 Number Blocking$8.58

  SEI Long Distance
No Monthly Fee$.07/min

  DSL Equipment Maintenance (optional, per month)
Warranty covers equipment and trip charge$8.35

Not included - All accounts are charged monthly federally mandated subscriber line fees totaling $7.00 for single line or $12.00 for multi-line, a telecommunications relay fee of $0.03, and a 911 emergency service fee of $1.00, plus applicable federal and state tax. Long distance rate is based on direct dialed calls made within the contiguous United States, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not included - universal long distance connectivity fee of $1.50. Super Communicator Plan calls are billed as made at volume discount rate and long distance minutes exceeding the number of minutes in the bundle will be billed at $0.09 per minute. There is a 1-year contract requirement for DSL equipment. Time & Expense will be charged for additional equipment and jacks. These charges are subject to change, please call to verify current charges.

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